A very rare Dr. Kromedome 12″ figure, ‘The Bionic Villain’. Figure is complete and appears unused. Exhibits slight wear to box otherwise a very fine example of this figure, highly sought after by both Bionic Man and Mego collectors. Supplied within a custom acrylic protective display case with slide access base.

Dr. Kromedome was an unofficial toy sold exclusively through the USA Montgomery Ward catalogue. It was made by Mego, rather than the genuine bionic licensee, Kenner. It’s history of manufacture is a very interesting one, purportedly a Montgomery Ward buyer, who was looking to find a way to expand the range of the popular bionic-themed products for Christmas 1975, asked Mego to make a suitable ‘bionic villain’ to counter the Steve Austin doll. Dr. Kromedome was the result. Please see the last featured image for the Montgomery Ward original Catalog page that featured Dr. Kromedome. It seems Mego were aware what they were doing was not quite above board as their detail of manufacture is unusually discreet on the box. Today, Dr. Kromedome is generally regarded as one of the top ten rarest Mego figures eve made.

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