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    , £35

    Official vintage, circa 1970's, 'Green Cross Code Man' personal appearance fan card, hand signed by Dave Prowse (Green Cross Code Man & Darth Vader).

    Very good condition.

    Approx 13 cm x 8 cm.



    A rare vintage Kenner 1980 15″ tall IG-88 figure doll. Complete with all accessories. Figure is in excellent condition. The box exhibits typical slight age wear and the internal insert card has a small tare to the edge of where one of the gun accessories is stored. Presented and provided in custom acrylic case with sliding base (see final two images).

    IG-88 is by far the hardest to find of the large vintage figure range having originally only been marketed in the USA and the only large figure produced solely for The Empire Strikes Back (Boba Fett was issued in a Star Wars box prior to it's Empire box release).

  • STAR WARS 18″ Interactive R2-D2 Figure, Jakks

    , £95

    Fantastic large rendition of R2-D2, circa 2015.

    Features different sounds, rotating head, flashing lights and motorised leg adjustment.

    Has been removed from box only to turn the ‘try me’ switch off to prevent any battery condition issues, otherwise as new. The top box lid window has a small split along the crease.


  • STAR WARS Darth Vader 18″ Figure

    , £25

    Star Wars Series 18 Inch/50 cm tall Darth Vader figure based on his appearance in Episode III Revenge of the Sith.Features 7 points of articulation and a real fabric cape making him perfect for any kid or collector.


    , £60

    A loyal and dependable astromech droid well-equipped forstarship repair and computer interface, even after decades of service, R2-D2 continues to be full of surprises. When the battle to take back the galaxy demands the precision and advanced technological capacities of a droid, there’s no better Astromech co-pilot than R2-D2.

    With the Smart R2-D2 from Hasbro, kids can imagine sending R2-D2 into the fray of epic intergalactic battles. With app-controlled movement in all directions, Smart R2-D2 is a mobile droid, able to communicate and explore! Use the Hasbro Star Wars Smart R2-D2 app to send Smart R2-D2 on exciting missions, and even program him to follow routes – just don’t steer him into an asteroid field!

    Smart R2-D2 plays and dances to music and makes authentic droid sounds, so it’s never a dull moment when this droid rolls into the space station.

    Mint sealed NEW.

  • STAR WARS The Force Awakens Sphero Store Display

    , £125

    Official Sphero BB-8 and Force Band dual Shop Display.
    Mains operated with LCD screen (15 cm x 9 cm) with repeat playing promotional video and sound.
    Full working order, unused, mint, within factory shipping carton. This display was made for the Spanish market.
    BB-8 and Force Band are 'dummy' examples specifically and only made for Sphero shop displays.
    Overall size approx. 30 cm x 36 cm x 36 cm.